Underhill Ski Bowl

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Underhill Ski Bowl

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Underhill Snow Bowl

“Underhill Ski Bowl, 1937-1981, was a pioneering ski center in this part of Vermont. Located on the former Lawrence Eagan Farm between the lower Stevensville and Mountain Roads, it was founded by the Underhill Winter Sports Club, a group which included Eagan, Lawrence Casey, Jesse Holmes and Giles Willey of Underhill, and others. In 1946 the property was purchased by Em and Bill Durbrow, with John Durbrow. Later, such facilities as a disc lift, a warming hut with a snack bar and lights for night skiing were added. The bowl reached its heyday during the 1960’s with weekend ski races and meets for all ages and twice weekly night skiing, which could attract 200 to 300 sports enthusiasts from the Burlington area.” – Underhill Town Report

A complete and detailed history of the Underhill Ski Bowl is available at the New England Lost Ski Areas Project.

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Underhill Ski Bowl

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