by Elizabeth Weichel Moore

North Underhill Cemetery

1763 Town of Underhill chartered

1787 Earliest settlers (near present Cook and Covey Rds) Caleb Sheldon had first deed. Daughter Mary first born in town in 1787 Col Udney Hay – -Revolutionary War veteran (represented Town from 1798-1804) Log schoolhouse built near home of Abner Eaton
1791 Hill Rd surveyed and laid out.
1795 Town of Underhill organized
1799 “Burying Ground of the Town of Underhill” 1 1/4 A. deeded in February by Udney Hay to ‘proprietors’ ; deed signed by William Barney, moderator and Peter Martin, clerk. At meeting in March, the committee, including Caleb Sheldon and Dexter Ward , voted to collect obligations ( 6 bushels and 1 peck of wheat) and put them to best advantage of proprietors.
1800 New settlers from Connecticut establish hamlet halfway up the hill near present cemetery. 1801 ‘Congregational Society in Underhill’ established. Meetings held in Birge Tavern (Brewer). 1802 Proprietors meeting refers to ‘North Burying Ground’.
1803 North Burying Ground of the Town of Underhill surveyed. Was along the road and adjacent to Hay property. Now ( Jan. 2003) Francis Russin PH365.
1804 At March meeting subscribers agree that by Dec 1, 1806 a board fence would be erected around the burying ground to be kept in good repair.
1807 Bernard Ward ( Louella Lamphere’s great, great, great grandfather) leased 1 Acre of Lot 31, 1st Division ( original right of’ Cornelius Law) to the Underhill Congregational Society’ to build a meeting house . (Pay yearly lease of 1 ear of Indian com.) Among signers were William Barney and Eliphas Thrall. Vol. p .
(Meetinghouse was next to present N Underhill cemetery. Supposedly the old steps are in the cemetery wall.)
1806 Col Udney Hays dies. After large Burlington funeral, body returned to Underhill farm for burial. (Gravestone is in Poker Hill Cemetery.)
1807 Bernard Ward leased 1 acre of land to the Town of Underhill for a burying ground. ( On west side of highway leading from Underhill meeting house to Jericho. In lot 31 I st Division, right of Cornelius Law.) Signed by Selectmen Caleb Sheldon, Eliphas Thrall, Peter Martin. ( Deed not recorded until 1/1/1813 vol.4 p.298.).
1897 Jason Rogers deeds to Selectmen I acre of land known as ‘The North Underhill Burying Ground’, now ‘North Underhill Cemetery’ (vol. 25 p.205). Note: There is no mention of the’ North Burying Ground’ on the Hay property or proprietors’ meetings after 1806. The Hay farm later was owned by Thomas Jackson. and it is said that during that ownership the burial ground was abandoned and gravestones, if not bodies, were moved to the Town burying ground, ‘The North Underhill Cemetery’. Along with the gravestone for Colonel Hay, there other stones with earlier dates than 1807: 1797 Mrs Patty Martin; 1801 C. Thrall; 1806 Udney Hay; 1808 H. Brown.
1911 After many years of neglect, the Town cemetery on Poker Hill Rd was taken over by a group of concerned citizens. The ‘North Underhill Cemetery Association’ was formed by Fillmore Robinson – to oversee the maintenance.