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Bogue Family

Vermont boasts tallest family in World!

A Pretty Large Family Any Way You Look at Them!

By Pacific & Atlantic – 1938
Vermont boasts tallest family in World!

Family of Hiram C. Bogue of Underhill, Vt., is big in more ways than one. Combined heights of family total 77 feet, 5 inches. L. to r.: Ray, 6 feet 7 inches; Glenna, 6 feet; Anna, 6 feet; Max, 7 feet 2; Arthur, 6 feet 6 1/2; Homer, 6 feet 6; Howard, 6 feet 6 1/2′ Alvin, 6 feet 7; Leland, 6 feet 8; father, Hiram, 7 feet; mother, Mrs. Bogue, 5 feet 10. Daughter, Ida, not in photo, is 6 feet.


Eleven Are Over Six Feet, While Father Is Seven Feet Tall.


Refined Folk, Educated and Courteous, and Friends Are Legion.

CAMBRIDGE, VT., March 8. – Vermont has grown the largest family in the world. Up in this neck of the woods in Lamoilie county in the towns of Cambridge, Underhill, and Pleasant Valley, hundreds know and like the giant Bogues.
Bogue Family PortraitThere are eleven of them – these tallest of tall Green Mountain staters – Hiram Bogue, head of the family, standing exactly seven feet in his stockings and the rest of the brood, one son seven feet two, and the others, every one of them over six feet, make a grand total of seventy-four feet seven inches of Bogues.
While they were growing up this Bogue family, all this northern section and over the line into the province of Quebec knew them to be the tallest family in Vermont, but now that they have reached their growth they are being advertised far and wide as the tallest family in the United States and, so far as is known, the tallest family in the entire world.
All Working Farmers.
The Bogues are not circus freaks. They are every day working farmers and their wives are those who know them best declare they are not only the tallest family, but also the “best” family, for they are refined folk, educated and courteous, well mannered and well bred, and their friends are legion.
There are 11 of them these tallest of tall Green mountain stators hear him Bogue head of the family standing exactly 7 feet and his stockings and the rest of the brood one son 7 feet two and the others everyone of them over 6 feet make a grand total of 74’7″ of Bogues.
All working farmers the bugs are not circus freaks they are every day working farmers and their wives are those who know them best declare they are not only the tallest family but also the best family for they are refined folk educated and courteous well mannered and well bred and their friends are legend.
Hiram, the “daddy,” sixty-seven, is seven feet, but he has shrunk a little as father time presses upon him.
“Once I was seven feet two” he proudly acclaims.
Then comes Max. He is the champion, seven feet two at present and still growing. He lives in Underhill, is married and has two sons, both young Giants. Arthur comes next, he is six feet seven, is single and lives in Pleasant Valley.  Ray, the youngest, is also six feet seven. He is a little over 20 and expects to be in the seven foot class before many years. Howard is six feet six and one-half, Homer six feet six, Alvan six feet seven, Leland six feet seven, and then the girls; they are all “tall ‘uns” two; Ida the oldest daughter is six feet, Mrs. Anna Irish, another daughter, is also six feet, and so is the third daughter of Hiram Bogue, Mrs. Glenna McLellan.
Hiram and Octavia BogueMrs. Bogue mother of this gigantic family, is the only “dwarf.” She is only five feet ten. The Bogues were both born at Enosburg Falls, Vt., and lived there until twenty-two years ago, when they move to Cambridge, Vt., their present home. The mother and father of Mr. Bogue were small people being less than average height, but he had a grandfather who was over six feet. The brothers and sisters of Hiram Bogue and Mrs. Bogue are people of average height.
The Bogues all had a sense of humor. Miss Ida, laid up with a broken ankle from a fall on the ice, explained the family was so tall was because in the chilly climate of northern Vermont the Bogues could not grow sideways; they had to grow “up.” She said the family was a very good-natured one and all the member smiled when they bumped heads on the chandeliers and when going through low doorways.

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